Let’s eat vegetables!

There are so many vegetables out there that your gliders can and should have to make sure that their diets are nutritionally sound.  Even more important is to offer them a large variety.  Just like children, if you keep a narrow vegetable profile, you run the risk of picky gliders.  Always remember – gliders are not picky by nature so if your gliders are not eating what you provide, you’ve likely had a hand in this.  This is why I always recommend rotating their vegetables often and feeding a large variety in the mixtures you feed.  I’m not talking just one or two vegetables a night, I mean more like five or six!

Remember that the best way to feed your vegetables is raw (uncooked).  Cooking vegetables lowers the nutritional value of the foods.  And besides, do you really think they have little glider chefs in the wild?  I doubt it (though if they do, I sure would love to see one, wouldn’t you??).

NOTE:  Though I will make a post about Lima Beans, please keep in mind that this is one vegetable that must be cooked prior to serving.  The lima beans you find in the frozen section of the grocery are already cooked and are fine to feed.  However, you will have to cook those that you find at local farmers markets and produce stands.