Here in our home, we grow our own dill, in the months that we can.  We use it often for our own dinners, so we figured, why not let out gliders enjoy it, as well?


Found year round in the produce section of your local grocery, dill has an unmistakable (and yummy!) smell, one that your gliders are sure to love!  This delicacy is as simple as can be – the entire stalk is okay to feed, so simply chop and feed!  Or, to change things up a bit, just put a few sprigs here and there in the cage and let them find them and chew!  It’s really as easy as that!


You’ll likelyParsley find two types of parsley – flat-leaf and curly-leaf – at your local markets.  Both are fine to feed and though similar in nutritional properties, vary in taste just a bit.  You’ll notice more flavor with flat-leaf than you will curly-leaf, but your gliders won’t care.

Look for bunches of parsley that have no brown or slimy leaves.  This would indicate that the bunch will soon beparsley_2 turning and needs to be used immediately.  A fresh bunch of parsley will last for several days in your crisper drawer and can be used more than once.  Simply chop and mix in or sprinkle on top of your fruit and veggie mixture!


We aren’t the only ones who can enjoy herbs!  Your gliders just may love your fancy cooking nights!Cilantro

Cilantro is a favorite in our home, the gliders go crazy!  We cook with it often, so we’re never without it in the crisper drawer.  Inevitably, I have a little left over, so the gliders get their treat.  The chirps are totally worth it!

Easy peasy – simply chop and feed.  All parts are fine and edible!