About The Glider Chef

IMG_8013My name is Aimee Darling and I am the proud mom to several sugar gliders and owner of The Jumpin’ Monkey, a small sugar glider rescue home in Maryland.

Not unlike several other glider owners, I was “that person”.  I saw this most adorable little animal at a pet expo, the company told me how easy they were to keep, that they could eat pellet foods and could interact with our other pets.  We took the bait – hook, line and sinker.  And we brought Bandit home.

That very same evening, I found a wonderful online forum that quickly taught me that everything I had heard was terribly wrong and that the health of my little sugar glider hung in the balance.  That evening – my life changed.

I have spent countless hours over the years, educating myself on sugar glider diets, husbandry and behaviors, have spent hundreds of dollars on stimulation and enrichment items to ensure all gliders in my home remain happy.  I learned to sew.  I now work with vets and shelters in the DC/VA/MD and PA areas, to ensure that sugar gliders with health issues receive the best care possible.  I created a Facebook page, Gliders Lovers Against Misinformation (GLAM), where we focus solely on fun and education without drama.  If you haven’t heard of it, look us up and join, you won’t be disappointed.

I have opened my home to countless glider owners who are looking for information or need assistance.  This drives me every day – to help as many owners as I can – providing accurate information to do everything in my power to allow their gliders a long and healthy life.  I hope that this blog will open your mind, will make you think and most of all, will help you learn!

Come glide with me…