I Root For This One!

Several years ago, I went to the grocery store and just for fun, bought this cool looking vegetable called a Jicama.  I had no idea what it was, and had no idea what to do with it.  I got home and got to chopping and much to my surprise, I couldn’t get my knife to penetrate the outer skin.  I sliced and I sliced, and oh, what a stringy mess!  Hello, sweet vegetable – you will not win!  LOL

Don’t be me.  Read this post so you know how to cut a jicama.  Save yourself from the depths of despair and learn from my mistakes.  PEEL IT FIRST!Jicama

Let me back up.  Jicama is a wonderful tuber and believe it or not, a member of the legume family.  Though large, it grows on vines in warm climates and is sometimes called a “Mexican Turnip”.  The insides are similar to an apple – juicy and crisp, though not nearly as sweet and tasty.  However, the outer skin – hard, inedible and stringy – can be toxic so it’s important that this root vegetable is peeled using either a peeler or paring knife, prior to feeding.

You can simply give it raw, or pop it in the microwave for a short time to soften it up.  We don’t cook it here, we just peel, chop and serve.  Enjoy!

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