Fruity Goodness…

While perusing the exotic fruit and vegetable section of the grocery one day, I came across this tiny, fragrant green article of what I assumed was a fruit.  My gosh, it smelled so good.  The tag said feijoa.  I’d never heard of it, but of course, being feijoaadventurous, I popped it into the cart and went on my way.

They aren’t necessarily cheap, but when I can find them at our local market, I buy them.  They are loved here by every single glider, and frankly, I love cutting them up because they just smell so darned good!

Similar to so many others, the prep work is simple.  Cut and feed.  No need to peel, no need to scoop (though you can if you’d like), just pop a few pieces in each of their feeding dishes, along with the rest of their fruits and veggies for the evening.

TIP:  Don’t forget to keep a few bites for yourself.  You’ll thank me, and you’re welcome.

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