Just Beet It!

So…a funny story.  One morning, I went down to the glider room to gather food dishes.  What I saw, made my heart drop to my knees, it was the scene from a horrific crime scene.  Someone was dead, I was sure of it.  I slowly opened the cage, afraid of what I would find.  The blood was everywhere.  All I could think was, “But why?  They have all gotten along for SO long!!  How could this happen?”  Slowly, I open the mouth of their cube, ready to find the poor victim.  And there, right in front of me…six, sleepy-eyed fuzzy faces, wondering why in the world I was making such a ruckus. LOL

Beets.  I’d fed beets for the first time the night before.  And clearly, they were a hit, because the “blood” was everywhere.  I’m pretty sure a cry escaped, simply from the pure rush of adrenaline, thinking a massacre had surely happened some time during the night.  But nope…it was just the beets. Beets

Beets come in a variety of colors, but you’ll mainly find the dark reddish purple ones at the grocery.  The vegetable and their greens are fine to feed and in fact, are packed full of vitamins and other essential nutrients.  They are a chop and serve vegetable, no special serving or prepping requirements at all!

I won’t forget the Glider Massacre anytime soon LOL.  But, I sure do feed beets often, that’s for sure, though without the morning after excitement, since I now know what to expect.  Feed these wonderful vegetables.  Your gliders will thank you.

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