It’s A Little Corny

Baby corn.  Let’s face it – it’s just, plain cute!  Oh, and it’s safe and just fine to feed, so there’s that, too!

Healthy?  Well…it’s not unhealthy.  It’s not filled with many nutrients, because it’s harvested so early in its life (it’s simply an immature cob of corn), but because it’s harvested eBaby Cornarly, it also has low sugar content, which is important!

We are able to find these year round here at our grocery stores, but some may find it difficult.  Since they are used in Asian dishes, you will likely be able to find them in your local Asian markets.  Use the baby corn that are in the produce section, not the canned baby corn that you find in the vegetable aisle.  As with other canned vegetables, sodium content is high and they should not be fed.

Stay away from those that have dark spots or look “slimy”.  These have expired and should not be fed.

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