Plum Crazy…For Plums!

Though an ordinary fruit, it’s important to know that plums are good and healthy for your gliders.  Plums come in several different variations and colors, and are related to peaches, nectarines and almonds.  Why?  Well, because all of them have hard pits that surround their seeds.Plums

Plums are best from May through September, but you can definitely find them year round in most grocery stores.

Good, ripe fruits should be dark in color and some will even have a small whitish “bloom”, which signifies that it was recently picked.  Avoid plums that are overly soft of even squishy, as these have over-ripened.  Try to find those with good, dark color and have just slight give when squeezed.  Purchasing a plum that is hard is just fine, too.  Simply place on the counter for a day or two, to allow the plum to ripen, then place in the refrigerator.  Plum pits and seeds are inedible and should not be fed.

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