Cheers For Cherimoya!

Produce sections never cease to amaze me.  We are fortunate in our area to have wide varieties and selections at our groceries and specialty markets.  One of the yummiest but hard to find items is Cherimoya.  It’s a sweet and delicate fruit, sometimes known as a “custard apple” or “Ice Cream Fruit” because of its creamy texture.

Look for fruit that is green, some brown spots are okay, which means that the fruit is ripening.  It should give just slightly when squeezed.  I generally recommend staying away from an entirely brown fruit because it has likely over-ripened and will be messy and just plain mushy.  Fair warning – cherimoya fruits are not cheap, so only purchase what you will use in a couple of days (they ripen quickly).

cherimoyaThere are medium-sized, black seeds inside.  Discard these seeds as they are inedible and can be toxic if broken or crushed.  

Once the seeds are removed, simply scoop out the flesh in dollops or just cut the fruit into chunks and let your gliders do the rest.

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