These are GRAPE!

Grapes, grapes….the controversial fruit.

You’ll hear people in the glider community say that you should never, ever feed grapes!  You’ll get varying degrees of “why”, but there’s really no clear and definitive reason why they cannot be fed.  We have fed them here for years, as have countless others, without issue.

So…I’m going with “feed them”.  Why?  Cause they’re GOOD!  grapes

Look for grapes that are firm and a bright green.  Stay away from those with blemishes, or those that are soft and brown.  Grapes also freeze well, so when you get them home, portion them out and pop them in freezer ziplocs.

Sometimes, I leave the grapes whole, other times I cut them in half or even into quarters.  I have some gliders who absolutely LOVE to grab a whole grape and dive in.  Others won’t touch them unless they are cut, so they can grab and run into a corner to eat.  You decide what’s best for your glider, but these will be a GRAPE addition to your nightly dinners!  🙂

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