“…he’s strong to the ‘finich’ cause he eats his spinach…”  Yeah…so I’m not sure that your gliders can become big and strong by eating spinach, but it sure is healthy for them!  If yours are like mine, they will tear that veggie up in a heartbeat!  Seriously…this is one leafy green that my gliders go NUTZOID over!!!  Put spinach in the right combo of fruits and veggies and I will have plates and dishes that are absolutely licked clean!

You’ll be hard pressed to find a vegetable more rich in Vit K than spinach.  What is Vit K, you ask?  Well, it’s GREAT for bone health!  (P.S. Eat spinach yourself, you’ll thank me!)  Spinach is also rich in iron, Vit C, Vit A and folic acid.  All told, it’s just good for you!

Feel free to pick up a bag of spinach from the produce department, or you can get a bag from the frozen foods section, either will do.  You’ll find, however, that when you feed the frozen, it tends to get a bit mushy.  Keep in mind, though, that spinach will turn rather quickly.  You’ll know it when it gets a bit darker in color and looks “wet”. So, be sure to purchase an amount that you will use within 2-3 days.

Mine prefer fresh, so that’s how I feed it.  I get a large bag and use some for me, too!  You can chop it up, or feed the whole leaves.  I typically do a little of both, but there’s really nothing cuter than a glider running around the cage, holding onto a whole leaf – it’s ADORBS!

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