It’s A-Peel-ing

Although a common fruit, it’s one of many that are nutritious and easy to feed to your gliders.  There are several different varieties of apples, all of them safe and healthy to feed.  You’ll find Gala, McIntosh, Honey Crisp (my personal favorite, though expensive), Fuji, Granny Smith and so many more!  All of them have different flavors and textures, so change things up and treat your gliders!

Look for apples that are hard to the touch and not mushy, with no bruises.  During the summer months, I often purchase mine from roadside produce stands and local farms around our community.  Shop local, folks, especially for your produce!  Support your local farmer and they will be able to continue to give back to your community for years to come!  But I digress… 🙂apples

Preparation is simple – chop and serve.  BUT…do NOT feed the seeds, folks.  Apple seeds are not good for humans, nor are they good for animals, so make sure you either core your apple or simply chop around the core while prepping.


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