Beautiful Blue

Who doesn’t love blueberries?  Did you know that these tiny berries are credited for the longevity and overall good health and wellness of indigenous people living in the Northern Hemisphere?  It’s true!  These little gems not only taste great, but they have amazing health benefits, as well!

You can find blueberries in your local grocery store, generally year round, though you’ll find the freshest ones from June to August and just shortly after, as this is the average harvest time in the US and Canada.  You can also find them in the frozen section in both large and small bags.  These are just as adequate to feed your gliders.


When shopping for blueberries, look for those that are plump, not shriveled, with no bruises, visible mold and a nice grey/silver sheen.  Once home, if you’ve purchased fresh, pop them into a plastic bag, sealed tightly, and place in the crisper drawer (set at high humidity if your fridge does this).  They will keep this way for a week.  If you wish to purchase them in larger quantities, they freeze beautifully!  Place in freezer ziplocs in serving sizes, and seal.


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