…And I Don’t Mean Belgium!

brussel-sproutsIf you’re like me, you LOOOOOOOOOVE these tasty morsels!  If you’re NOT like me, shame on you, ’cause these babies are so yummy and so good for you!!

What are we talking about?  Brussel Sprouts (or Brussels, as we call them here), are itty bitty cabbages!  Okay, not quite, but they ARE in the cabbage family and the small buds are edible and nutritious.

The best brussels to feed are fresh from your produce section.  You CAN find them in the frozen foods section, but once thawed, they become mushy and kinda yucky.  Stick with fresh, whenever possible.  Many grocery stores will sell them by the pound, and you can often find them in bags, all ready to go.  Keep in mind that fresh brussels will keep in your refrigerator for 2-3 weeks, they have a great shelf life!  This gives you plenty of time to feed them several times over that course of time.  You can freeze them, but again, once you pull them out, they tend to get mushy and I’ve found that my gliders simply aren’t interested, once they get to that point.

Preparation is simple – either toss them into the mix of fruits/veggies whole, or just cut them into pieces, big and small.

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