Time For Your Meal….Worm


Have you fed your mealworms today??  If not…shame on you!  The glider Gods will not shine favorably upon you until you do, you’re aware of that, right??

Yes, mealworms – the staple of happy gliders :).  Okay, okay…that’s not true.  There are many happy gliders out there who are never fed a mealworm in their life.  BUT…if you can do it, if you can bring yourself to feed them, please do.  Your gliders will thank you from the bottom of their tiny, little hearts!

So…let’s get down to basics.  Mealworms are a good source of protein.  This is true.  BUT…they should not be used as a SINGLE source of protein for your gliders, because it is simply not enough.  Your gliders should be on a good diet – whatever that diet may be, and mealworms are a great addition TO that diet as a treat and supplement.

Contrary to what many think, mealworms are not your typical worm.  They are not slimy, they are not dirty.  “Mealies” have a hard exoskeleton and have a little crunch to them when fed (gross, huh??).  Don’t want to feed them because you have to touch them?  No problem – use a tweezers!  Too close to your hands?  Use reptile feeder tongs!  Seriously!  If you can feed these, do so!

Find them to be too expensive?  Breed your own – keep your own farm.  If you have a place where you can get organic wheat bran, you’re in good shape!  This really is the best and healthiest bedding for your mealies.  Looking for more info on a mealie farm?  Shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to discuss!  Looking to simply purchase them?  Go to Camillie’s Vita-Mealies for the best, healthiest mealies around!!

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