Don’t Hate Me Cause I’m Ugli

Ugli Fruit

On the outside, this fruit really does live up to its name.  However, on the inside, it’s a completely different story.  This not so attractive fruit, aptly named Ugli Fruit, is a cross between an orange and a grapefruit on the inside!  It has incredible citrus fragrances and flavors and when in-season, is a staple here in our home.

The skin of the ugli fruit is extremely thick, but removes from the flesh very easily, no differently than how you would peel an orange.  Because the skin is so thick, the fruit will seem squishy to the touch, which is normal.  Fruit that is more on the green side is not yet ripe, but will ripen quickly and easily on your counter.  For ready-to-feed fruit, look for those that have a nice yellow skin.

For preparation, though it is not necessary to remove the skin, you certainly can do so.  We serve it both ways here.  Sometimes, I will simply chop it into pieces and toss in with their other foods.  Other times, I’ll remove the skin entirely to feed.  Your gliders will not eat the outer portion and it is not harmful for them so the choice is yours!

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