The Art Of Feeding

For some, glider dinners are a true form of art.  Frankly, they should be.  Just because something is easy, doesn’t mean it’s the best way to go.

Sugar gliders have natural instincts to hunt and forage.  They LOVE a challenge!  My husband plays a game or two of Sudoku, every single day.  He does it because it keeps his brain healthy and hopes it will keep him mentally sharp.  Your gliders should be treated no differently.  It’s important for you, as their owner and caretaker, to continue to challenge them and give them what they need.  Don’t just settle for EASY!

By easy, I mean stop feeding them ONE DISH, on the bottom of the cage, where they can go to find their food.  There are so many other options, none of them difficult, but ALL of them beneficial.  You can purchase hanging food dishes that are used for bird cages.  But, these should NOT be your only feeding stations, either.  Hanging foraging and feeding dishes should be a staple in every cage.  Not just one, several.  This will encourage hunting behavior.  It will encourage foraging behavior.  It is stimulating for your gliders and will encourage them to have fun.  It will help them mentally, physically AND emotionally.  You can make them or you can purchase them.  It’s as simple as that!

Using multiple feeding will also help to discourage food aggression.  We often see food aggression rear its ugly head when there are only one or two feeding stations within a cage.  If you have more stations, it is more difficult for one glider to guard each and every one.  In our cages, we have a minimum of one feeding dish per glider.

Below are some examples of the hanging dishes we use in our cages here.  There are several vendors in the glider community who would be more than happy to make these types of feeders for you, if you are unable to do so yourself.  Want that info?  Pop on over to my Facebook page.

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