Prettiest Dragon In The World

To me, dragon fruit is one of the prettiest around.  From what looks like flames on the outer skin, to the pretty little speckles on the inside.  Not only is it pretty, but it’s tasty, too!

Though it can sometimes be difficult to find in stores, when it’s in season, grab it while you can.  This fruit is chock full of Vitamin C, calcium and antioxidants.  The flavor of dragon fruit is kind of a cross between a pear and a kiwi, and it’s crunchy!  (Be sure to save some for your gliders!  LOL)Dragon Fruit 1

Look for fruit that has bright skin and is even colored.  It may have a few blotches on it here and there, but if there are a lot, put it back and find another.  If you hold the dragon fruit in the palm of your hand, close and push gently with your thumb – is it firm?  If so, it’s not quite ripe and needs a few more days.  No harm in buying, tho, because it’ll ripen just as easily on your counter as it will in the store :).  If it gives just a bit, it’s just right!  But, stay away from those that seem mushy to the touch – they are generally overripe and won’t be nearly as good (and hard to work with, too!)

Preparation is simple.  Cut your fruit in half.  From each half, scoop the flesh from the skin and place on your cutting board.  Check for any residual pink areas (this is skin) and cut off, as the skin is not particularly healthy (tho not deadly) to consume.  Then, cut into chunks.  The seeds are edible.  See?  Simple!

Let me know what you think – it’s a favorite here!

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