Bok Bok!

It’s Friday night, the work week is done.  You arrive home and realize, “Gahhh, I don’t want to cook again!!  We’re having pizza!”

We are ALL entitled to an “off” night here and there.  A night where we don’t do “the usual”.  Your gliders deserve the same!  You’ve heard me say it before – would YOU want to eat the same thing day in and day out?  I doubt it.  Why should your gliders?  Don’t be afraid to change things up and have a little fun!

The fun here comes in the form of our feathered friend – the chicken!  Yes, your gliders can have this!  Not only can they have it, but they will love it!  Chicken

You can prepare the chicken a handful of different ways – grilling, baking or boiling are the usual suspects – and any will do.  Drummies, wings, breasts, anything works.  Here in OUR home, where we have LOTS of animal duties, we try to sneak in chicken prep where we can so we typically boil it on the stovetop.  We simply pop some chicken wings or drummies into a pot of boiling water, let it cook for about 40 minutes (or until done), drain and let cool.  If you want to grill or bake, that’s fine too, just remember to always do this without any oils or seasonings, as these can sometimes be harmful to your gliders.

Once the chicken is done cooking and has cooled, you have a couple of options.  Here, we tend to make an entire package of drummies or wings, take out that evening’s serving size, then portion the rest into ziplocs and place in the freezer.  This gives us several nights worth of feedings.

BONES – DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY!  Your gliders will LOVE them!  Yes, you heard me, these are okay to feed, too.  The marrow is a fantastic source of nutrients and it serves as great stimulation and fun for all!  If you cook them in bulk like we do, simply put the extra bones in a ziploc and freeze them, too!

Let me know how things go when you try it!  You’re not chicken, are you?  😛

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