Baby Food??

Baby Food…yes!

Baby Food PouchesTraveling for a weekend?  Working on your evacuation pack?  Baby food is a GREAT go-to for both and as a perfect alternative for junk food night.

There are several types of baby food you can feed.  Any of the “1” foods – both veggie and fruit – are perfect.  Also look for Chicken or Turkey (they will likely say “with gravy”, which is fine).  The pouches are okay, too!  You can feed the chicken or turkey once every couple of weeks as a replacement for their staple, but remember that the iron content is high so I wouldn’t feed it much more often than that (on a consistent basis, anyway).  Baby Food Jars

Any of the fruits and veggies are great to feed and can be used in addition to the chopped fruits and veggies you feed at night.  Again, when you’re able to feed fresh items, do so.  However, baby food is a great “something different” to feed every so often.


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