The Fruit That Stains


These goofy fruits are often overlooked by people because they simply don’t know what they are! They are a whole lot of goodness, is what they are, and are fun to feed!Pomegranate

Look for fruit that is bright in color, without too many blemishes and not too soft. You can sometimes find these frozen in bags in the freezer section, and some groceries will have them already packaged in a box, in the produce section. These are fine to feed. I choose to cut the fruit up, because it allows my gliders to have some fun with their dinner. You can just cut the fruit into pieces – we do large chunks at our house – and let them dig out the seeds. Speaking of seeds – the little red things inside the fruit ARE the seeds. Inside of those seeds are tiny “pits” – they are fine and you do not need to squeeze the little seed to get the pit out or you’ll have nothing to feed! LOL

Note – these WILL stain so be careful where you cut them (face down is great) and with what you are wearing when you cut them :).

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