So Corny!

Corn…it’s what’s for dinner!  Glider dinner, anyway!

You’ve likely heard that corn is high in Phosphorous and that you shouldn’t feed it often.  You may have been told not to feed it at all!

Know what we say to that?  Pfffffffffft!  Feed it!  It’s good, it’s tasty!  Corn on the cob

Really though…corn isn’t going to hurt your gliders.  We have it often in our home and after all these years, our gliders aren’t dying of “corn disease”.  -_-

As long as you are feeding a good variety of fruits and vegetables on a nightly basis, you needn’t worry about when or how often you feed corn.  You don’t want to make it the ONLY vegetable you feed, but you can certainly have it in the rotation.

I generally microwave or boil it for several minutes, so the kernels become a bit soft, let it cool and then feed.  That’s it!  There’s nothing cuter than gliders surrounding a cob of corn!  Seriously!

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