Tomatoes are GRAPE!

So, Supreme Court decisions aside (which said that tomatoes are a veggie), tomatoes are a fruit and will always be a fruit to me. Such a lovely and tasty fruit they are, too! Tomatoes

We feed a wide variety of tomatoes at our house, but the most popular is the grape tomato. They are sweet, small and easy to feed. Of course, you can use those off the vine or Roma’s, but the nice thing about grape tomatoes is that they aren’t messy to prepare and the gliders love them!

Prep is simple – wash, slice in half and serve. Or, make it fun and leave some of them whole (or all of them, if that’s how they like them). I have some gliders who are not afraid to chomp into one whole, but I have others that won’t touch them unless they are sliced. Either way, these are a great addition to their feedings. They will keep for at least a week, sometimes longer, in the fridge.

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