“Sapote” I Can Feed This?

I “Sapote” so!

Sapote FruitI hope you are lucky enough to find Sapote Fruit in your supermarkets! Sapote Fruit is a luscious, woodsy fruit. It’s creamy and juicy inside and has hints of vanilla and coconut. It’s fabulous! You’ll usually find these in either the fall or winter, if your stores carry them, as they are pretty rare in the US (they are grown in California). You will want to purchase them when they are hard, but plan to use them up because they will ripen, at room temperature, in only 3-4 days. You can freeze them, though, just wrap well before doing so.

To feed…simply cut and feed or even scoop and feed. You do not need to peel it, as the gliders will simply discard the skin. Do discard the seed in the middle, though.


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