Ram Ram Ram, Rambutan…

Rambutan. Oh these fruits are soooooo yummy! Your gliders will thank you! Rambutans are not yet ripe when they are green, but are once they turn red, orange and/or yellow. The little hairs (spines) will be green when these are fresh but will ultimately turn black. Once this happens, you still have a couple of days to enjoy this tasty morsel!Rambutan

To prepare, you want to hold the fruit in your fingers, firmly on a cutting board. The spines won’t hurt you. Cut gently, only piercing the outer, hairy skin. Cut lengthwise so that you can then gently peel off the outer skin. The skin is inedible and bitter so it’s best not to feed it. Once you peel off the outer skin, you’ll find an almost opaque little devil inside. Within this white outer skin is a seed, which you want to pop out and discard, it is not edible. When you’ve done that, feed the white skin. That’s it!  See how fun this is??

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