GUAVA. This yummy, yummy fruit is another favorite in our household. Guava is ripe when it’s just a little squishy on the outside, you may even notice some dark spots beginning to form on the skin. If you find guava that is rock hard when you try to squeeze it, just put it aside for a couple of days and then check it again. It won’t hurt to feed it when it isn’t completely ripe, but your gliders may not like it as well. You will generally find two different types of guava at the store, one being pink inside, the other being white. Both are fine to feed.

Guava2When you cut into a guava, the first thing you’ll notice are light colored, very hard seeds. Some varieties of guava do have chewable seeds, but we typically don’t find them here in the US. For preparation, simply cut and serve. Though the seeds are hard, they are not harmful to your gliders and they will simply eat around them and toss them aside.

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