Artichoke.  If you haven’t made this vegetable for yourself, you’re missing out! Don’t make your gliders miss out, too! Artichokes are typically in season in the winter in the US, but you can generally find them year round. You’ll find smaller ones in the summer. They can be fed a couple of different ways.

ArtichokePrep is the same for both. Cut the stem as close as you can to the flower then snip the ends of each leaf off, as they have a little spike that comes out of each one. Then, cut off the top inch or so of the flower, exposing the inside of the veggie. Here’s where it gets fun. You can boil it for about 40 minutes, drain, cool and it’ll fall apart. There’s meat at the base of each leaf that your monkeys will love.

You can also feed this vegetable raw. When I feed it raw, I will often pull it apart a bit with my fingers and place other fruits and veggies inside of it and just set it on a plate or in a dish for them to dig into. But, feel free to just feed the leaves.

One thought on “Choked!

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